Monday, May 4, 2009

party bags, tablecloths, beads

My little girlie is whizzes by. But I can hardly remember life before she popped into our world. Well, I did manage to zip together some party bags. I actually started them at 9.30 the night before. Yes - how stupid can you get. I know, but I really didn't have time to do it before then - honestly. I number of cheeky friends of mine commented that they were disappointed I didn't embroider each child's name. Well if I start now, I may be able to complete bags for next year.....and include their middle and last names too! NOT!!!

I have to apologise for my photography, everything was so frantic that I didn't take proper photos of the bags. We had a Bead Party for Es, and it was wonderful! And in the bag, was some chocolate, the necklace and bracelet made by each child and one of these...

....little bunny biscuits with lemon icing. Es is getting a bunny for her birthday, it's currently four weeks old and with it's Mummy. There will be photos of the new member of our family real soon.

I made some afternoon tea for the party little guests - shortbread, chicken sandwiches, meringues (first time I've made these), marshmallows dipped in chocolate and a giant cupcake cake which didn't look like cupcake-ish at all....but it still looked like it had been transported from fairyland (so Gary says!). Note the tablecloth I made (stupidly made the morning of the party - as if I didn't have enough to do!). But I say - why miss out on all the fun things about being a Mum? It's the small things in life isn't it?

The bead party was a massive success! The bead lady turned up with 3 caseloads of colourful beads, she gave a demonstration and off the little girlies went to choose their selection. Brilliant! They were quiet as mice for nearly one and a half hours - RESULT! Some wonderful creations came into being and it was fascinating to watch each child's unique style. Some of the girls said they were making the bracelet for their Mum for Mother's Day, which is this Sunday here in NZ. How sweet is that - without any prompting at all!

This is Es threading her bracelet, she is already wearing the necklace she made. How cute does it look? She chose such gorgeous colours! She made the bracelet to match her dress - vibrant purples and blues!

I was so exhausted the following day and out of the blue our friends called us and invited us to spend the day out on their launch. Awesome - just what the doctor ordered!



  1. It all looks fantastic - happy birthday to her.

  2. Oh Hazel! The biscuits, the bags, the beads, all so beautiful and pretty. Good on you for getting it all done in time. Es will look back and see how much trouble you went to, one day. You're a great Mum! Well done!!

  3. It all looks very lovely. I love those little rabbits, what technique did you use to ice them? And the cake looks just like in the picture, very clever! I am drooling over all those beads, maybe we need our own bead party. Maybe we should run our own bead I go again!

  4. oh yum! how cool is the bead party! what a great idea......I'm planning keira's party in a few weeks and need to get things moving! time creeps up on me quickly!


  5. what a quaint little party! I adore the bunny biscuits and what a fantastic idea to have a bead party. Might have to do that one when emma gets older.

  6. Hi Hazel, wow you've done Es proud, what a cake, beautiful rabbit biccies and party bags...can't wait to see her bunny too. Happy Birthday to Es, I love the necklace! Salx

  7. Sending your girlie a happy birthday wish , sorry its a bit late !!

    Have a great weekend !

    Ooooh forgot to say thanks for the lovely comment you left me x x

    Sara x

  8. Hi Hazel :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, your not too late to enter I've added your name! I enjoyed your visiting your blog *smile*

    Happy Creating!



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