Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey Ho and Away We Go!

Chelsea Buns

Really really busy packing and sorting for our 6 week trip to the UK. We leave on Saturday and I have sooooo much to do. So before I go, I'd like to leave you with this yummy recipe from my friend Kate. I'm just going to have to make it just one more time before Saturday, despite the mountain of jobs I have waiting. Will bring them into Kindy on S's last day, Friday. It'll be a treat for the teachers as they are sooooo delicious. I had so many projects I wanted complete before leaving, but this trip has descended upon us so quickly....and boy do we need a holiday. We've not really had a decent one since arriving here over 4 years ago. We've just had the odd weekend away here and there. So this is long awaited and much deserved. A has been working like a trojan and I've been doing the usual frantic Mummy thing. I will try and post while I'm away as we are bringing the laptop. But I warn you, it will probably be just photos of my shopping. But that won't be dissappointing, fingers crossed. Any of you gals from the South of England have any recommendations for fabric/craft/wool shops PLEASE do let me know. We will be based around Brighton/Worthing area and will be doing day trips into London.

Here's the recipe scribbled onto a beautiful recipe card from my friend Glenda's Phoenix Trading. I think you should be able to read it once you've enlarged the photo. Anyhoo, happy blogging fellow bloggeroonies and looking forward to keeping up with your projects from the 'other side'. xx

Monday, June 1, 2009

A FO at last!

A Child's Cornish-Style Sweater - Pattern Notes

I knitted this sweater/jumper in 8ply Turkish cotton with 3.75mm needles. The pattern actually called for 4ply and 3.25mm needles. So I did some swatching and managed to get the correct tension of 22st and 30 rows (10cm x 10cm). I can't tell you much about the pattern/designer as I photocopied the pattern from a library book and failed to note down the title or author of the book - opps!

This 'Gansey' pattern was really fun to knit as it gives the opportunity to practice some different stitches and techniques. There is ribbing, cable, moss and grille stitch. The front and back are exactly the same. You leave the shoulders and neck stitches live and then come back and knit them together using a third needle. Quite simple once I got the hang of it. You then use a circular need to knit the ribbed collar.

Any modifications? I added an extra 5cm to both the sleeve and body length. All my children are long-limbed and have a long torso. If I was going to re-do it again I would have made the neck very slightly smaller. But overall I'm quite happy with the outcome. The cotton will machine wash nicely and will be light enough for the warmer weather we are looking forward to in a couple of weeks (off to the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Made some really yummy things over the long weekend. Eaten far too many of them - about to go and get another to accompany my cup of tea. Will share soon.