Monday, June 1, 2009

A FO at last!

A Child's Cornish-Style Sweater - Pattern Notes

I knitted this sweater/jumper in 8ply Turkish cotton with 3.75mm needles. The pattern actually called for 4ply and 3.25mm needles. So I did some swatching and managed to get the correct tension of 22st and 30 rows (10cm x 10cm). I can't tell you much about the pattern/designer as I photocopied the pattern from a library book and failed to note down the title or author of the book - opps!

This 'Gansey' pattern was really fun to knit as it gives the opportunity to practice some different stitches and techniques. There is ribbing, cable, moss and grille stitch. The front and back are exactly the same. You leave the shoulders and neck stitches live and then come back and knit them together using a third needle. Quite simple once I got the hang of it. You then use a circular need to knit the ribbed collar.

Any modifications? I added an extra 5cm to both the sleeve and body length. All my children are long-limbed and have a long torso. If I was going to re-do it again I would have made the neck very slightly smaller. But overall I'm quite happy with the outcome. The cotton will machine wash nicely and will be light enough for the warmer weather we are looking forward to in a couple of weeks (off to the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Made some really yummy things over the long weekend. Eaten far too many of them - about to go and get another to accompany my cup of tea. Will share soon.


  1. Wooohooo! Yay to you Hazel!!! I'm so pleased you got it finished finally. You must be very excited about it. It looks great on E as well. Such a lovely design and fab colour. See you in the morning!

  2. Oh wow it looks lovely and snuggly! I wish I could knit! When are you going to the UK?

  3. What a gorgeous colour! Our knitting granny made my son a very similar jumper in a dark blue. I love the knitts for Winter. My kids look very home-made with all the orders I put through to granny! I don't think anything else keeps them warm enough!

  4. love the Gansey sweater - the cable is very cute - thanks for the visit over at my blog

  5. wow, what a beautiful sweater! great job :)

  6. Lovely sweater & I like the pattern. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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