Monday, May 11, 2009

Eye Spy - What am I reading now?

Thanks to Cindy for hosting this 'Eye Spy - what I am reading now thingy-me-bob' and Monique for the theme of reading. Pop over to Cindy if you want to join in.

I found this book in a thrift store and have been highly recommended it by my friend Megan. I've never read Jodi Picoult and am actually really enjoying her style! On reading the blurb on the cover, I nearly didn't bother. It is about a 13 year old girl who has been conceived to be a match and donor to her sister who has leukemia (depressing?). But I took the plunge and am loving it. What I like about this book is that it makes you consider the value of human life and question the rights of others. What should you do when two of your morals seem to conflict one another? It also puts life into perspective. My heart goes out to all those parents who have children who are seriously unwell. Makes my little problems seem so trivial. Here's a quote which I earmarked to read to my bookclub...

"...maybe who we are isn't so much about what we do, but rather what we're capable of when we least expect it."

I love books that set me thinking and move me out of my 'comfort zone' and force me to evaluate life's fundamental questions and deeper meaning. Whoooo steady on.....need to drink my milo and head for bed.....too much thinking makes my nappy brain ache! ...nightie night...


  1. Hi Hazel, thanks for stopping by my blog. The quilt is from this months Womens Weekly Mag. Do you guys get it in NZ? If not, happy to photocopy and send over x

  2. This is a good 'what am I reading' idea. Thanks for the book review! I have a little 'I'm currently reading...' photo on my sidebar, although I have no idea if it actually interests people!

    Thanks also for stopping by and signing up for my giveaway - best of luck!

  3. This is good Hazel! Don't think I've read any of hers either, I think my mother does though as they look very familiar. I've not read anything since my sewing thing started. I'm halfway through something, but my favourite read this year would be The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. A really lovely read and most enjoyable.II would definately recommend it to anyone. Pretty cover too!

  4. Sounds interesting...I'll add it to my list of books to never get around to reading :)

  5. Have read this book. It really does make you question and think. You must try out that relish recipe. If I have a few tomatoes but not enough for the recipe, I ceat a bit and top it up with a can. Its just as yummy. tahnks for stopping by.

  6. Hi

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, just been having a read through of yours and look forward to your next post.
    The bead party looks like great fun, my daughter would love something like that but as it's her birthday on Monday I think it's a bit too late to try and arrange one now. Not that we have anything like that here locally as far as I know.
    Thanks for the compliment on the scrapbook, my daughter was over the moon with it and has put in an order that I have to make her friend one for her birthday. I think it's the kind of thing all young girls like, i've made Jess quite a few bits and pieces but nothing made her face light up like this did.
    PHEW, that was a long comment....sorry!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  7. Hey there,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my post!
    I am a big reader and have so far not gone into the Jodi Picoult scene.... mainly because once I'm in, I fear there will be no getting me out and the washing will get more out of control!! My sister though recommended this one. She loved it.
    Also had a look at your bead party - love it! I made bunting too for my daughter's 5th at the beginning of the year. I loved it so much, I hope to make more for different occasions. Crazy, but fun!
    Will pop by again!

  8. Thanks for joining in. Sounds like a great read.


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