Monday, May 25, 2009

Cornish Knitting and Tomato Relish

Life is just so busy. I can't imagine how some of you Mums get time to produce so much. This weekend was full of a mass organisation of childrens' clothing. The weather seems to have skipped autumn and it's now winter for sure! So it's time to dig out the winter clothes.
Now, clothes really annoy me, I know we need them and all that. Perish the thought of walking around starkers. But washing them, hanging them out, bringing them back in again, discovering and treating stains, folding them, ironing them (doesn't happen often in my house), putting them away, putting them in storage - GOSH!!!! Anyway I spent my 'me-time' sorting the childrens' wardrobe. Making piles for the Plunkett sale (children's clothes/toys bring and buy type thing), piles of summer clothes for the UK (we have a 6 week holiday back there mid June), piles for the opp shop and piles for storage for next summer. JOY!

Today I've thought a lot about my lovely Gran from Cornwall who taught me to knit and crochet. It would have been her 92nd birthday today. Well here's the progress made on my Cornish jumper for little E. I'm determined to finish it this week.

Tomato Relish

Some slightly over-ripe tomatoes caught my eye at the fruit and vege shop and I remembered Monique's tomato relish recipe. So I bought up large and spent yesterday evening simmering up the above ingredients (plus white vinegar) in a big pot. And it is truly YUMMY!!!!! Had some with cheese and crackers this afternoon and was really pleased with the outcome. Do pop over to her lovely blog and check out the recipe.

Off to enjoy an evening of knitting while watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters - excellent.
PS - did anyone else think that Adam from American Idol was totally robbed?
PPS - What is it with the spacing in blogger - I cannot change my linespacing. arrrghhhh!


  1. Glad the relish turned out well. It is so good with cheese and crackers. The knit is gorgeous. Sorting clothes is the bane of my existance. I love getting hand me downs but hate sorting them into wearable now, wearable later and ditch piles and then finding a place to store them. It is so time consuming!

  2. I can help you sweetie! I often have issues with line spacing and there is a trick to it. Will reveal all today at playgroup. Can't wait to see E in that beautiful jumper. Coming along very nicely! I love relish too, especially on toast with cheese.

  3. Aah, the American Idol debate has been raging in our house. I wanted Adam and thought he truly out-classed Kris but my husband is sure that Kris is the right winner as the show is about finding a "pop" idol and he thought Kris fitted this description better. I'm so glad I'm not on my own with this.

  4. I Hazel! Would you mind sending me an email at katedixon80 at hotmail dot co dot uk and I will email you the quilt pattern.


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