Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I actually won something really cool!

I can't believe it.....I won the giveaway on Sue's hilarious blog "Dollytub Cottage". You must stop by and treat yourself to giggle or two,- my visits there truly brighten my day. I am going to be the proud owner of one of these...

...a Cath Kidston Tesco shopping bag. As an English gal living down under, I am chuffed beyond measure! I soooo miss Tescos (sad I know!) and Cath Kidston stuff is kinda hard to come by here in NZ. So I'm made up! Thank you Sue!!!

Well - I've amended my dodgy looking flower, sorry about the glarey photo. I'm currently in a knitting frenzy trying to finish the Cornish Style Jumper before E is too big to wear it.

Oh and guess who arrived to join the family today?

This adorable mini lop-eared bunny sits in the palm of your hand. He is currently adjusting to his new environment, so eager Es has to wait before she can handle him. I will post more cute pictures of this bundle of fluff very soon. He hasn't been given his name yet...but the contenders are...Skippy, Pixie, Thumper and Ziggy. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks for all your comments - I do love to read them!


  1. Oh what a lucky girl!! It's so cute, can't wait for a cuddle when he is bigger. You extremely lucky mama winning that bag. It's super gorgeous, just perfect. I love the colours in the fabric. Oh you are lucky, lucky, lucky! Can I have a small fondle of it when it arrives please? Wish our supermarkets had such pleasures, we're really missing out aren't we?

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I just won a giveaway too!! Isn't it fun in blog land! I really love your flower. so wish I could do it, another 'one day' on my list. And I vote for Pixie!! xox

  3. Oh wow - well done! That bag is gorgeous! I think G has the exact same one! That rabbit looks so cute. I'm loving that crochet flower, what yarn did you use, it looks so clean and crisp, doesn't look like the manky wool I use.


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