Sunday, April 5, 2009

Introducing Es

My daughter Es, is like my shadow when it comes to ‘making and doing’. She can be found peering over my shoulder itching to join in. So I do try and encourage her do have her own projects, I will share her efforts in this blog as well as my own. My Mum helped me teach Es to knit when she was over from the UK helping with newborn baby E. So Es has been knitting on and off since she was 4 ½. Bless!

A few days ago she brought home her sharing folder from school and what little treasures it contained. This portrait has to the sweetest one she’s drawn of our family and I just had to post it.

Es also likes to make use of all the scraps of material when I’m sewing. So we’ve made a few clothes for her dolls (rather fiddly). Her last creation with the remnants from the pink muslins (I made for baby Eva) was a blanket for her puppies.

Here are two knitted blankets for her Polly Pockets. Notice the white pillows their little heads are on, they were made from the lining from the nappy wallet. No waste in this house! Very sweet!

I’ve been busy cutting out 48 triangles for Es’ birthday bunting. We are escaping for the Easter weekend to my Auntie’s in Tauranga, so I do feel the pressure is now off for making the bunting in time for Easter. But I do have to knuckle down and get some after school egg blowing/decorating organised. A has just cooked a gorgeous Goan Prawn Curry, so it’s over and out for me!

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