Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Shenanigans

Had my birthday at the beginning of the week. I had to decide how on earth I could spend the day with four children (I look after my friend's 3 year old daughter). And I erred on the side of complete insanity and headed into town for some shopping! The first shop I entered was a shop called 'Retreat' - start as you mean to go on. Despite the amount of breakable candle holders, vases and other fragile objects: there were no incidents. I think I put it down to the fact that I read them the riot act beforehand, the lovely sales assistant who occupied them while I browsed and the promise of an ice cream at the end for good behaviour.

And then it dawned on me after entering a number of shops, people actually felt sorry for me shopping with four children on my assistants entertained the children. AWESOME! I made it known in every shop I entered that it was my birthday and I managed to buy two tops, a vase, hair products and two gifts for A and Es. Not bad eh? Had sushi for lunch and got ice creams for the kids. A successful morning!

Had a wonderful afternoon at my friend Kate's - she made the children dinner and Glenda brought an egg-free chocolate cake and pudding! Talk about spoilt! Now take a look at this gorgeous card Glenda gave me. I think I'm going to frame it - I totally love it. It's a Phoenix Trading card.
Here is a selection of some gifts I received. The flowers are in the vase I bought myself. The gorgeous tea towels (I do love a classy tea towel and my thread bare, holey ones are in need of replacement!) are also from Glenda and the pretty hand made make up bag is from Sarah. Sarah is just so talented, do go and take a look at what she's been up to. She churns out such lovely things and she has four children! AMAZING!

Very soon I'll have some photos of the bunting triangles. I am certainly not finding the school hols conducive to my productivity! I do love the slow mornings, staying in bed for that bit longer, mooching around and getting breakfast at my own pace. BUT, I'm so tired and the children do need the social interaction, challenges and routine that school/kindy brings. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it, that's what I say - ha ha ha! Catch ya laters! x


  1. Lurvely!! Guess the necklace didn't really fit the colour scheme - tee hee hee x

  2. Hiya Hazel, good to meet you, and loved reading your blog. Looking forward to seeing the bunting, the cinamon and raisin platt looked delicious. I'll drop by again soon, Love Salx
    Meanwhile happy blogging! x

  3. Morning lovey! It's so lovely to see another page to your blog. I'm going to get me one of those cards from Glenda too. Do you know if market day is on Sat - Anzac Day and all? Looking very nice your blog is too. Right off to to brekkie and start on some slippers for No. 4. She's a little freeked out about them to be quite honest. Such a funny child. See you soon!

  4. Hey your blogs looking great. I wish I was as clever as you in the baking department, I wouldn't even consider trying to make anything that resembles bread by hand. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Bye for now. Bedtime.

  5. Happy late birthday!! I must remember your trick when I go out and about with my 4 kids next time... on my birthday... lovely your pictures!


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